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BlackPoint Tactical Introduces Holster Options for the Olight PL-2 Tactical Light

One of the major barriers to considering a new handgun mounted light is the availability of holsters for that light. The flashlight manufacturers with the largest market awareness aren’t always the ones pushing the limits of lighting technology. There are innovations coming from light manufacturers many “tactical” consumers may not have even heard of or would consider buying. Holster makers have little incentive to tool up for a light that few people will buy and buyers won’t buy a light for which they can’t get a holster. This feedback loop has the potential to scuttle the success of otherwise good weapon lights.

The Olight PL-2 Valkyrie weapon light has received some solid reviews and boasts a whopping 1200 lumen output. However, until recently, it had little holster support. There are some holster makers who can accommodate the PL-2 but you’ll have to dig a bit to find them. That changed when BlackPoint Tactical introduced the PL-2 as an option for many of their holsters. They are likely the highest profile holster maker to date to add the PL-2 to the line up.

I don’t know that this is the first step toward broader acceptance of the PL-2. I haven’t even tried one of them. However, as a consumer, I appreciate when a company is willing to try to fill a potential market gap even if it is small. As holster makers continue to streamline and modernize their processes, I hope to see more of this.

BlackPoint Tactical Multitasker Pouch

BlackPoint Tactical recently started carrying Multitasker Tools and, being a kydex bender, they also have a pouch to carry your Multitasker. The pouch is like their other MAP (Modular Accessory Pouches) and Leather Wing holsters in that it features the leather wing assemblies for which BlackPoint Tactical has become known. These wings allow for a flexible linkage between other pouches which leads to improved comfort when worn linked with other pouches or alone.

Check out BlackPoint Tactical’s Modular Accessory Pouches.

blackpoint multitasker pouch

REFT Leather Wing Holster from RE Factor Tactical and BlackPoint Tactical

RE Factor Tactical is now offering a branded version of the BlackPoint Tactical Leather Wing Holster. While many companies offer some form of leather/kydex hybrid inside-the-waistband holster, far fewer offer hybrid outside-the-waistband options like this one. I have not personally used the Leather Wing but I know two shooters who do and both speak VERY highly of it.

Check out the REFT Leather Wing Holster.

re factor blackpoint tactical

Assault Pouch from BlackPoint Tactical


The Assault Pouch from BlackPoint Tactical is a dedicated, MOLLE mount, holster that is designed to fit the footprint of a typical M4 magazine pouch. It is basically an M4 magazine pouch that has a weapon specific kydex holster insert. It looks like a great solution for getting your handgun off your belt and up onto your armor or chest rig.

Check out the Assault Pouch from BlackPoint Tactical.

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