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Bastion EDC Valet Tray

I put my flashlight, pocket knife, multitool, cell phone, keys, and similar EDC gear down in roughly the same place every day. When I don’t, it usually leads to me having to tear apart the house to find something. That is exactly why a valet tray is such a good idea for people like us who stuff their pockets with EDC gear daily. It serves as the perfect place to collect all that gear so you always know where it is (and your wife doesn’t have to remind you not to leave your stuff on every flat surface in the house every other day).

Bastion’s new Black PU Leather EDC Valet Tray looks great and won’t break the bank. It folds flat so you can travel with it and it even has a snap-in divider. The divider is handy so you can keep things like keys from being dropped on or rubbing against more sensitive gear like your phone.

bastion valet tray


  • 10.5″ x 8″
  • Large compartment 8″ x 8″
  • Small compartment 2.5″ x 8″

Check out the Black PU Leather EDC Valet Tray at Bastion.

bastion valet tray full

Gentleman’s Carbon Fiber Comb from Bastion and Engineerable

Bastion and Engineerable are veterans of Kickstarter. Both have successful campaigns on the popular crowdfunding platform under their belt. Their first collaboration, the CARBONEER, raised over 5 times it’s initial goal and shipped on time. I have happen to have one and I use it daily.

bastion gentlemans comb

Bastion and Engineerable have launched a new Kickstarter campaign for another slick piece of carbon-fibery EDC goodness. The Gentleman’s Carbon Fiber Comb is machined from carbon fiber and hand finished. The comb is available in 4 styles that include a solid carbon fiber design and three different skeletonization options. It features an integrated finger loop and clip that allow you to carry it in a number of ways.

They are looking for $5000 to fully fund the project. If they can hit their $25,000 stretch goal, they will double everyone’s rewards (example: if you back the project at a 1 comb level, you will get 2 combs).

Carbon fiber makes everything better. Check out the Gentleman’s Carbon Fiber Comb Kickstarter page.

Carbon Fiber EDC Comb from Bastion

I never had reason to carry a comb until I started keeping a beard or goatee. Sometimes you just need a comb to tame those coarse beard hairs that seem to have a mind of their own. Sure, you could carry a plastic comb but why would you when you can get one made from carbon fiber at Bastion! I am not sure anyone needs a carbon fiber comb but I’ll be darned if I don’t want one anyway.

Check out the new, probably unnecessary, but still completely awesome Carbon Fiber EDC Comb from Bastion.

bastion carbon fiber comb

Bastion CARBONEER – Carbon Fiber Key Hanger

Bastion LLC just introduced the CARBONEER, a key hanger made entirely from carbon fiber. They are attempting to fund its production via Kickstarter.

carboneer bastion

Key hangers have become popular in the EDC enthusiast community due to a very simple function that they perform and the benefit it provides. As you can probably guess from the name, a key hanger is used to hang your keys. The benefit is that when this is done from a belt loop it can free up space in your pocket. Alternately, you can hang them from the lip of your pocket with the keys inside which prevents them from sitting in an uncomfortable lump at the bottom of the pocket.

The CARBONEER is laser cut from a single sheet of carbon fiber so it is more than strong enough to suspend heavy key rings. It is skeletonized to reduce weight and add grip. It also features 3 separate attachment holes for key rings to further ensure that your keys don’t bunch together into a lump.

Check out the CARBONEER on Kickstarter.

bastion carboneer hanging

Bastion Samurai Patch

A friend of mine said that morale patches have become as common as business cards in this industry and that they are almost like a form tactical folk art. Patches like the new Samurai Patch from Bastion make it easy to believe he is right. The patch features a hand drawn samurai figure rendered in great detail. This is a great looking patch.

Check out the PVC Samurai Patch at Bastion.

bastion samurai patch

Image property of Bastion LLC

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