Bastion CARBONEER – Carbon Fiber Key Hanger

Bastion LLC just introduced the CARBONEER, a key hanger made entirely from carbon fiber. They are attempting to fund its production via Kickstarter.

carboneer bastion

Key hangers have become popular in the EDC enthusiast community due to a very simple function that they perform and the benefit it provides. As you can probably guess from the name, a key hanger is used to hang your keys. The benefit is that when this is done from a belt loop it can free up space in your pocket. Alternately, you can hang them from the lip of your pocket with the keys inside which prevents them from sitting in an uncomfortable lump at the bottom of the pocket.

The CARBONEER is laser cut from a single sheet of carbon fiber so it is more than strong enough to suspend heavy key rings. It is skeletonized to reduce weight and add grip. It also features 3 separate attachment holes for key rings to further ensure that your keys don’t bunch together into a lump.

Check out the CARBONEER on Kickstarter.

bastion carboneer hanging

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