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ATS Tactical Gear – Sample Bottle Pouch

Bourbon is (mostly) made in Kentucky. Do you know what else is made in Kentucky? ATS Tactical Gear’s Sample Bottle Pouch, that’s what.

ATS Tactical has been making the Sample Bottle Pouch for bourbon clubs going back several years. It’s a pouch with internal elastic loops designed to hold those little 2 ounce whiskey samples. The pouch features loops for eight bottles and mesh padded dividers to prevent breakage.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe these pouches are listed on the ATS Tactical Gear website but I think gear like this that crosses interests is fascinating. I always take notice… being whiskey-related doesn’t hurt it either.


ATS Tactical – Horizontal Fast Mag Pouch

The Horizontal Fast Mag Pouch is a horizontal AR-15 magazine carrier designed to be mounted on first line belts or plate carriers. When mounted in this way, it provides a fast reload and can be used to make use of otherwise unused real estate on the belt.

The pouch is constructed from 500D Cordura Nylon with a kydex insert to provide retention. It attaches to PALS webbing via ATS L Straps and features a loop field for adding patches or ID.


ATS Tactical Gear Sacks

You can spend a lot of money on relatively small, simple gear organization sacks but you don’t have to. ATS Tactical’s Gear Sacks come in three sizes and are made from the leftover production materials to keep costs down.

The pouches feature envelope-syle construction a single zippered opening at the top and a loop field for name tapes. They are available in three sizes: 5×6″ Small, 5.5×8.5″ Medium, and 6.75×10.5″ Large. They are ready to be added to your outdoor gear, EDC, tool kit, and more.


Sneak Peek: ATS Tactical Low Profile SBR/Pistol Sling Bag

This prototype sling bag from ATS Tactical is designed to hold an SBR, AR Pistol, or similar. The exterior of the bag is devoid of any markings, patch panels, or PALS webbing. The interior is accessed via a full clamshell opened and features some organization for items such as magazines, first aid, and more.

The bag is designed to fit SBRs/pistols with side folding stocks up and barrels up to 11.5″ in length. It will also fit SBRs/pistols with sliding stocks and barrels up to 7.5″ in length.

Stay tuned for details on this bag will be available.


ATS Tactical Skirmish Belt

ATS Tactical knows a thing or two about “battle belts”. The idea of belt mounted fighting kit isn’t new but it went through a major resurgence a few years ago thanks in part to companies like ATS Tactical with their excellent and affordable ATS War Belt. Now they have a new belt system to show off, the ATS Skirmish Belt, and it deserves a look based on pedigree alone.

The ATS Skirmish Belt is more of a slim, modern battle belt chassis than the ATS War Belt. It is an inner/outer belt set up. The 1.5″ inner belt features full coverage loop material so it can mate with the outer belt. The 1.5″ width should allow the inner belt to work with just about any pair of pants.

The hook material lined, 1.75″ wide outer belt is made from rigid scuba webbing to allow it to bear heavy loads. The outer belt also features 2 rows of PALS webbing and a Cobra buckle.

The ATS Skirmish Belt comes with 4 keepers to further ensure that the inner and outer belt components remain locked together. It is available in Multicam, Coyote, Ranger Green, and Black.

Check out the ATS Skirmish Belt at ATSTacticalGear.com.

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