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Arisaka Brings Back Mossie Midnight Mount

Buck Mossie’s Mossie Midnight 1913 FSB Mount is a problem solver. If you have a fixed front sight base and want a 12 o’clock mounted light, this mount solves your problem. If you have a department issued AR-15 with a fixed FSB and aren’t allowed to make permanent modifications to the rifle to add a light, this solves your problem. It’s a simple, lightweight solution, to a problem that might otherwise require more complex modifications to the rifle.

The Mossie Midnight Mount is designed to be attached to the vertical front pillar of most standard “F” marked AR-15 front sight towers. It projects forward from the sight base and provides a rail for mounting a light. When used with lights like Streamlight’s TLR-1 or Surefire’s X Series lights, the switch can still be reached by the user’s support hand.

Authorized Mossie Midnight Mounts have been made by multiple manufacturers over the years and there have even been some copies on the market. It’s nice to see an authorized version available again.

Check out the Mossie Midnight Mount at Arisaka.

Arisaka 300 and 600 Series Lights

You can now purchase a complete 300 or 600 Series Light from Arisaka. These lights are built from Arisaka’s line of Surefire Scout compatible light bodies and new tailcap. They are topped off with the excellent Malkoff Devices Scout Head.


The 300 Series Light weighs in at a scant 2.8 ounces and boasts 250 lumens of output from a single CR123A battery. The 600 Series Light weighs 3.5 ounces and churns out 325 lumens from 2 CR123A batteries.

Arisaka is offering these lights as a limited first run with special pricing of $149 and $159 for the 300 and 600 Series Lights respectively. There is no mount included but there is no shortage of Scout compatible light mounts available including multiple options from Arisaka.

Check out Arisaka’s illumination products.


M-LOK and CMR 45 Degree Offset Scout Mount from Arisaka

Arisaka’s 45 Degree Offset Scout Mount has been available for KeyMod for a few months now and it has already gained a reputation for placing the light extremely close to the rail thanks to its thin design (just .165″ thick) and 4 mounting positions for the light body which allow the user to choose the position that sits closest to the rail. The same mount is now available for M-LOK and the Centurion Arms CMR rail.

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