Arisaka Brings Back Mossie Midnight Mount

Buck Mossie’s Mossie Midnight 1913 FSB Mount is a problem solver. If you have a fixed front sight base and want a 12 o’clock mounted light, this mount solves your problem. If you have a department issued AR-15 with a fixed FSB and aren’t allowed to make permanent modifications to the rifle to add a light, this solves your problem. It’s a simple, lightweight solution, to a problem that might otherwise require more complex modifications to the rifle.

The Mossie Midnight Mount is designed to be attached to the vertical front pillar of most standard “F” marked AR-15 front sight towers. It projects forward from the sight base and provides a rail for mounting a light. When used with lights like Streamlight’s TLR-1 or Surefire’s X Series lights, the switch can still be reached by the user’s support hand.

Authorized Mossie Midnight Mounts have been made by multiple manufacturers over the years and there have even been some copies on the market. It’s nice to see an authorized version available again.

Check out the Mossie Midnight Mount at Arisaka.

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