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M300/M600/E-Series Tailcaps from Arisaka

It is entirely possible to build an M300/M600 weapon light without using a single Surefire part. Arisaka, who already makes an great M300/M600 body and mount, has now introduced their M300/M600/E-Series Tailcaps. These tailcaps feature a forward clickie switch with a fence to prevent inadvertent activation. Most importantly, the tailcaps are built around the proven McClicky internals.

Check out the M300/M600/E-Series Tailcaps from Arisaka.

arisaka tailcap

Arisaka 300 Series Light Body

IMG_2681_largeArisaka’s new 300 Series Light Body offers a more streamlined alternative to the original light body that is included with the light. They reduced the bulk of the mounting interface to only what is necessary to work with aftermarket light mounts which tend to hold the light closer to the rail. This clears out space around the light, providing clearance for items like your front sight. This is especially important when the light will be used on an offset light mount that holds the light very close to the rail.

The availability of this body also opens up the possibility of building your own light from components including those from Malkoff Devices.



Arisaka Finger Stop

Arisaka’s Finger Rest is a bit different than most hand stops. It is smaller and more rounded, like the world’s tiniest vertical grip, so that it can slip between the shooter’s index and middle fingers, a technique that I use on occasion with a standard hand stop when my shooting position dictates it. This design allows the shooter to place the Finger Stop further forward on the rail which can provide additional space should you need to move your hand back on the rail as you would in a kneeling position.

arisaka finger stop

At just .4 oz in weight, it is less than half the weight of most hand stops. I have written about how the weight of a hand stop is well worth the functionality that it brings. The Finger Stop would have all the same benefits at less than half the weight. Lightweight AR builders take note.

The Finger stop is available for the Centurion Arms CMR, KeyMod, and M-LOK. I believe it takes real work and ingenuity to reduce something to its simplest form. I am not sure I have ever seen a more minimalist and simple weapon control device than the Arisaka Finger Stop.

arisaka finger stop on rails

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