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Ares Gear Aegis Executive Belt

The Aegis Belt from Ares Gear has always offered a more refined, dressier look than most webbing gun belts. Ares Gear is now amping up the class even more with the introduction of their Aegis Executive belt that features Biothane instead of scuba webbing for a very leather-like look.

ares aegis executive

Biothane is an excellent gun belt material because it looks remarkably leather-like, it is stiff, it resists sweat, and it doesn’t stretch. This material will make these belts every bit as good as the webbing version but with an even more formal appearance.

You can check out the new Aegis Executive Belt at Ares Gear.

How Stiff is Stiff Enough for a CCW Belt?

I received an email this week from a reader who purchased a belt that I have mentioned on this blog. He had not actually worn the belt yet when he sent the email. He was concerned when he actually put hands on it, that it wasn’t stiff enough (that’s what she said). It was a good reminder of an article that I have been meaning to pen.

Just how stiff does a CCW belt really need to be?

ares belt stiffness

The Superior Stiffness

If you could only choose that your belt be stiff one way, you should choose that it be stiff from top to bottom as shown by the red arrows in the photo above. It must be stiff in this direction to support the weight of the firearm which is key for comfortably wearing full size firearms all day.

Typically, if a belt is stiff from top to bottom, it will also be relatively stiff around the circumference (as shown by the green arrow) too but this is less important for how the belt handles weight. Remember too, that wearing the belt tightly will effectively “stiffen” it. That doesn’t mean that a sloppy belt should be made to work by wearing it tightly, just that there is not always that big of a difference between belts that possess varying degrees of acceptable stiffness.

How Do You Know If A Belt is Stiff Enough?

If you can handle the belt before you buy, put your forefinger on one edge of the belt, your thumb on another (like the red arrows show) and squeeze. If it collapses/buckles fairly easily, it likely isn’t stiff enough. It should resist crushing. In fact, I can not crush or collapse the webbing in the Ares Gear belt shown above… not even a little.

If you can’t handle the belt look for materials like double layers of thick webbing (especially scuba webbing), thick biothane, multiple layers of thick leather, or leather belts stiffened with HDPE or even spring steel. These will all typically exhibit acceptable stiffness.

You can also look for belts that are stiffened via rows of tight stitching joining two layers of belt material. Both vertical and circumferential stitching will very effectively stiffen a webbing belt. Snake Eater Tactical uses some very cool stitch patterns to adorn and stiffen their belts. Their belts are a good example of how belts can be stiff the right way, without being overly stiff around the circumference which makes them very comfortable.

A lot of the voices online will tell you that you need a “good” gun belt or a “stiff” gun belt but it isn’t always apparent what they mean. The above has been my experience and I hope it helps you more closely hone in on how stiff a gun belt must be… or rather how a gun belt must be stiff.

Ares Gear Engraved Zippo Lighters

Watch out! Ares Gear is playing with their laser again!

ares gear engraved zippos

Ares Gear’s laser engraved Zippo Lighters are available with your choice of quotes from Mark Twain or Will Rogers on the back. The front features the Ares Gear spartan helmet logo. You can also add an optional butane insert to your order.

Zippo Lighters are a classic addition to any EDC. Check out the Engraved Zippo Lighters at Ares Gear.

Ares Gear Scratch and Dent Sale

TheĀ Ares Gear Aegis Belt’s fine adjustment, Velcro-less design, durable materials, and good looks make it the best belt I have ever owned. I paid full price for both of mine and I’ll gladly do it again if I ever manage to wear one of them out… But, you may not have to pay full price if the Ares Gear Scratch and Dent page has the belt you want. They have several of their most popular color combinations available at steep discounts due to slight imperfections (that you may not even notice).

The most common sizes and desirable colors are likely to sell out quickly so act fast.

ares gear aegis

Ares Aegis “Crossover” Belt

The Ares Gear Aegis Buckle is an excellent piece of kit. It secures your belt with infinite adjustability, without the need for Velcro, and without slipping like “instructor” belts. It also happens to look a whole lot better than the typical instructor belt buckle so it is no surprise that other companies want a piece of the Aegis.


The latest company to put the Aegis to work is Crossbreed Holsters with their Ares Aegis “Crossover” Belt. The belt features the Aegis Buckle and two layers of 7 oz leather sewn and bonded together cross grain with industrial adhesive. Crossbreed claims that this belt is rigid enough to forgo any type of HDPE stiffener.

The belt is available with black or brown leather and a silver, bronze, or black buckle. Check out the Ares Aegis “Crossover” Belt.

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