Ares Aegis “Crossover” Belt

The Ares Gear Aegis Buckle is an excellent piece of kit. It secures your belt with infinite adjustability, without the need for Velcro, and without slipping like “instructor” belts. It also happens to look a whole lot better than the typical instructor belt buckle so it is no surprise that other companies want a piece of the Aegis.


The latest company to put the Aegis to work is Crossbreed Holsters with their Ares Aegis “Crossover” Belt. The belt features the Aegis Buckle and two layers of 7 oz leather sewn and bonded together cross grain with industrial adhesive. Crossbreed claims that this belt is rigid enough to forgo any type of HDPE stiffener.

The belt is available with black or brown leather and a silver, bronze, or black buckle. Check out the Ares Aegis “Crossover” Belt.


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