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DDI Stamped AK-47, AGS DIY Edition

I recently reviewed a DDI Stamped AK-47, Zhukov Edition. It is very impressive rifle in part because of the Magpul Zhukov Furniture but mostly because of the quality of the base components. Now you can start with just those base components and build your own DDI AK with which ever furniture you choose.


AGS Armament has an exclusive DDI Stamped AK-47, AGS DIY Edition. This is a complete and functioning DDI AK minus the furniture. You save some cash and get to choose your own grip, stock, and hand guard.

These were introduced last night and several have already sold so don’t drag your feet.

AGS Armament Giveaway

AGS Armament Giveaway

My Hoosier friends at AGS Armament are hosting a very impressive giveaway. They are calling it the “Everything But a Gun!” giveaway because, well… you get just about everything you need except the gun. You just have to join their mailing list to enter.

Head over to AGS Armament for details on how to enter.

AGS/Henry Holster Lo-Profile Chest Rig, PMAG-Gen. 2

It’s finally here! I have been keeping an eye on this one for a long time now. The recently mentioned AGS/Henry Holster Lo-Profile Chest Rig, PMAG-Gen. 2 is now available and I can share some additional details.


This chest rig is a true collaboration. The Boltoron (thermoplastic like Kydex) body of the chest rig is made by Henry Holsters. The straps are manufactured by OSOE and the rig is assembled and distributed exclusively by AGS Armament & Consulting.

The chest rig is relatively unique in that is made from thermoplastic and inverted (magazines hang below the rig). These features serve a purpose as this chest rig is designed to function as a low-profile or concealment chest rig. The thermoplastic construction keeps it very thin and the inverted design allows the wearer to reach under the covering garment to access magazines.

The tension on each of the two magazine carriers is adjustable. All the hardware on the body of the chest rig is stainless steel.

The AGS/Henry Holster Lo-Profile Chest Rig, PMAG-Gen. 2 is available only at AGS Armament & Consulting.

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