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Pocket Unloader EDC Dump Tray from Advanced Holster

If your wife is anything like my wife, she would probably appreciate it if you would confine your EDC mess to just one part of the dresser. That is where something like the Pocket Unloader EDC Dump Tray from Advanced Holster can help.

This thermoplastic tray is subdivided into 3 smaller trays so you can nerd out as much as you want about what goes into which area… or you can just dump it all in there and hope for the best. It is a great place to offload your EDC flashlight, keys, knives, lighters, TQ, and more at the end of the day so you don’t have to spend the start of the next day looking for those items.

The Pocket Unloader is available in a number of colors and patterns except for Black. If you like Black, you’ll love Sleeping Panther. It’s like Black but exactly the same. Spend a moment looking through the available colors. It’s sure to put a smile on your face.


Advanced Holster Introduces AMS-H9 Holster for the Hudson H9

Advanced Holster is now offering the AMS-H9 holster, a kydex holster for the new Hudson H9.

Made for outside-the-waistband carry, the AMS-H9 can be ordered in right and left-handed configurations. It also has the ability to mount to multiple commercial mounting platforms including Safariland, G-Code, and Blade Tech to suit the individual needs and preferences of the user. The AMS-H9 is also legal for use in IDPA and USPSA assuming the user sets it up with the proper belt attachment to conform to the rules in their specific sport and/or division.

The AMS-H9 is available with a number of different mounting hardware configurations and colors. This is the first of a series of H9 holsters that Advanced Holster plans to develop. Check out the AMS-H9 at Advanced Holster.

Advanced Holster Discreet PDW Concept

With a little imagination, you can sometimes combine off-the-shelf components into something that is greater than the sum of its parts. That is the case with a very cool PDW bag concept that Advanced Holster has come up with.

A 7.5″ AR-15 pistol equipped the @lawtactical Folding Stock Adapter and a small loadout arranged on an Advanced Holster Snatch N’ Grab panel. Carry your PDW and keep your gear ready for action. This setup can be transferred to almost any commercial pack on the market allowing the user to blend into their environment without drawing unwanted attention. What’s in your bag? #advancedholster #whatsinthebag #snatchngrab #truckgun #lawtactical #lowvis #molle #pals #arpistol #ar15 #kydex #concealedcarry #concealedcarrynation #gunsdaily #defendthe2nd #edc #everydaycarry #weapons #weaponsdaily #weaponsfanatics #weaponsreloaded #weaponspromo #madeinusa #gunsofinstagram #gunstagram #guns #2a #secondamendment #2ndamendment #pdw

A video posted by Brent (@advancedholster) on

The bag conceals an 7.5″ AR-15 pistol with a full loadout of support gear. The bag could be any bag with any appearance. The AR-15 pistol makes use of a Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter to fit in the bag without the need to disassemble. The gear is organized and supported with an Advanced Holster Snatch N’ Grab Modular Loadout Panel.

The concept works especially well because it can be placed in any bag that will fit it and it organizes the gear better than most dedicated PDW bags.

Advanced Holster Update – New Site and New Product

Advanced Holster has rolled out a brand new website. The new site makes it much easier to gather information about their various holsters including their AMS-6S holster for ALG 6 Second Mount equipped Glocks and choose options when it is time to buy.

They have also become an authorized dealer for NeoMag. This magnetic magazine carrier makes it easy to stow a spare magazine in a number of places including your pocket while also keeping it readily available.

Check out the new and improved AdvancedHolster.com.


Advanced Holster AMS-6S Holster for the ALG Defense 6 Second Mount

Advanced Holster’s AMS-6S Holster for the ALG Defense 6 Second Mount is now available. This holster is made to fit the G17/22/31 or G34/35 with Surefire X300U weapon light. If you have a different requirement, you can contact Advanced Holster directly and they can likely accommodate you.


The AMS-6S Holsters are designed to work with all Safariland compatible mounting hardware and Tek-Loks which means this will be a very flexible holster. Advanced Holster offers a variety of mounting hardware and adapters that can be purchased ala carte with the holster.

Check out the AMS-6S at Advanced Holster.


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