Advanced Holster Introduces AMS-H9 Holster for the Hudson H9

Advanced Holster is now offering the AMS-H9 holster, a kydex holster for the new Hudson H9.

Made for outside-the-waistband carry, the AMS-H9 can be ordered in right and left-handed configurations. It also has the ability to mount to multiple commercial mounting platforms including Safariland, G-Code, and Blade Tech to suit the individual needs and preferences of the user. The AMS-H9 is also legal for use in IDPA and USPSA assuming the user sets it up with the proper belt attachment to conform to the rules in their specific sport and/or division.

The AMS-H9 is available with a number of different mounting hardware configurations and colors. This is the first of a series of H9 holsters that Advanced Holster plans to develop. Check out the AMS-H9 at Advanced Holster.

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