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INFORCE WMLX in the Wild

This is as close as you can get to pictures of the INFORCE WMLX (that we told you about recently) in the wild. VEIL Solutions has been putting this one through its paces. It is nice to see one mounted on a rail to get a sense of the size. Thankfully, it looks like the extra battery has not too adversely affected the compact size that makes the original WML so great.

veil solutions INFORCE WMLX


Yesterday I mentioned that ROSCH Works is developing a new 1″ flashlight mount with integrated front sight. Today I have a name and pictures. It’s called the SLM1 and it looks like this (or at least the prototypes look like this)…

ROSCH Works SLM1 2 ROSCH Works SLM1 1

I am not sure I could be more excited about this. This has been an idea that has been ripe for the picking for some time and, given ROSCH Works success with the SL1, they are the perfect ones to come along and pick it.

Check out ROSCH Works.

ROSCH Works Development Pipeline

A rolling stone gathers no moss and there is certainly no moss on the ROSCH Works crew. They are currently developing several products that are worth noting. I have more detail that I can share on some than others.

The development on the new, brighter head for the SL1 is still moving forward though it has been superseded by a couple of other interesting projects.

Rosch Works SL1 Expansion Kit

The first of those projects is the TM2 which is a light mount that is designed to be as simple as possible while giving flexible light mounting options that require no modifications to the host gun. It can be uses to mount a 1″ light in number of positions to a shotgun barrel or AR-15 barrel with the use of a shim. The design is so simple and robust that it needs only 1 screw. The typical ROSCH Works attention to detail and material science is present in how they are making the TM2 from a stainless alloy that reduces the amount of heat transferred to the light from the barrel. The expected price on the TM2 is $30-$35 depending on the options.

ROSCH Works TM2 ROSCH Works TM2 Fury ROSCH Works TM2 custom light

As you can see from the image above, you can expect to see stand-alone ROSCH Works flashlights in the future.

ROSCH Works is also developing a light mount that will be similar in principle to the TM2 except that it will offer QD functionality. This will allow the user to easily attach or detach their light as the need arises. Like the TM2, it will require no modifications to the host gun.

Perhaps most interestingly, they are developing a light mount with integrated front sight that will allow you to mount any 1″ light on the top rail or your hand guard. This could be one of the most exciting lighting products since the SL1. Stay tuned for additional images and information on this mount.

Rosch Works SL1 FDE

Finally, the SL1 is now available in FDE. ROSCH Works wanted to do more than just coat them and call them good so they spent some time getting these right. They are now available at

INFORCE WMLX – 500 Lumens

If you like the INFORCE WML as much as I do, this is sure to get your morning off on the right foot. INFORCE will be bringing a 500 lumen version called the WMLX to market soon.

image005There hasn’t been an official announcement from INFORCE yet but a quick search reveals that the WMLX is the worst kept secret ever. It is already listed at many retailers including MidwayUSA which lists an arrival date of March 28th though their arrival dates are notoriously arbitrary.

Judging by the only tiny picture that I could locate, the most notable change appears to be a longer body which is likely necessary for the WMLX to be able to accept a 2nd CR123 battery. It also sounds like the switch will be different from current WML models. I will update you as I find more information and better pictures.

Check out the INFORCE website while you wait for more news of the WMLX.

Update: I now have improved images of the WMLX and confirmation that it does take 2CR123 batteries. The switch functionality also sounds like it has been improved to be switchable from either momentary only to constant. This looks like a very solid next step in the WML evolution.

Double Battery WML 5 Double Battery WML 8

Review: ROSCH Works SLA1 Tailcap Adapter

The ROSCH Works SL1 Sight Light was one of the most exciting new products to come out of 2013. If you are unfamiliar, check out the review to see why this light is one of the very best weapon mounted lights to come along in years. You will see in that review, that one of my critiques of the light was the lack of a clicky style tail cap switch. Now, with the introduction of the SLA1 Tailcap Adapter, ROSCH Works addressed that issue and made allowances for their light to work with remote tape switches for those who are inclined to use them.



The SLA1 is a step down adapter that allows SL1 owners to use Surefire E-Series tailcaps on their SL1. Like the SL1, it is machined from aluminum, hard anodized, and Cerakoted. It threads onto the rear of the SL1 in place of the original switch and has an internal brass spacer that completes the circuit, allowing the Surefire tailcaps to work on the SL1.

Observations from Use

I understand the issues with “constant on” light use as it pertains to defensive shooting. Many people far more knowledgeable than me are proponents of weapon lights with only momentary activation. I respect that opinion but I just can’t see a way around having some type of easy to access constant on functionality in certain situations.

ROSCH Works SLA1 Tape Switch

For instance, some of my best friends are police officers in a large metropolitan area. These men are very well trained (well beyond what the department offers) and they are well aware of the potential issues with constant on lights yet, they simply cannot use lights without an easily accessed constant on feature (like a clicky switch) due to the nature of their job. The flash and move techniques that are so prevalent work extremely well in a relatively clean, organized, and familiar environment but they become far more difficult when moving through the typical ghetto home or abandoned house where there is junk piled waist high and the threat of falling through a floor is very real. They are forced to commit the tactical faux pas of leaving their lights on during a search because the very homes they are in represent as real a threat to their health as the people that they seeking.

That is just one example of where some form of constant on functionality can be beneficial. In its stock form, the SL1 has a constant on setting but it is accessed by rotating the tail cap which is not the easiest thing to do with just the thumb of your support hand. This is why the SLA1 Tailcap Adapter is a vital addition to the SL1 for some users. It allows the use of any Surefire E-Series tailcaps including clicky switches and tape switches.

ROSCH Works SLA1 Clicky

I tested 3 different E-Series tailcaps: the older twisty style, the newer clicky style, and a clicky from the M300/M600 Scout Lights. All of them functioned perfectly. I also tested the tape switch from the M300/M600 Scout Lights and found it to work perfectly. The SLA1 adapter was completely trouble free and functioned as expected.

Wrap Up

I am still holding out hope that ROSCH Works will bring their own dedicated clicky switch to market but the SLA1 does a good job of standing in the gap until they do. If you need to use a tape switch for your application, you will find the SLA1 to be particularly handy. The SLA1 is a useful addition to an excellent light.

Check out the SLA1 at ROSCH Works.

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