Hyskore GripLight

Mounting a light on a revolver is problematic. Manufacturers have tried to put accessory rails on revolvers before but they are usually placed on the under lug of the barrel when would mean the user would have to place their thumb over the flash gap in order to active the light. I have no interest in placing my thumb in the way of hot gas that is being vented at several thousand psi. Hyskore, with some design help from American Handgunner editor Roy Huntington, has a solution.


The GripLight is a set of duty sized grips for the popular J-frame revolvers from Smith & Wesson that sport an integrated white light. The light is powered by a CR2 battery and activated by a small button located high on the front strap of the grip. This configuration allows the 130 lumen light to activate whenever you grip the revolver.

The light module is made from aluminum and is located on the right side of the revolver above the cylinder. It is compact enough that adds a small amount additional width and should still work fine for pocket carry which is how I use my j-frame most of the time.

Check out Hyskore for more details.

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