Black Triangle x GBRS Group EDC G10 Dagger

Black Triangle and GBRS Group have been working on a collaboration piece and they recently provided a sneak peek. The upcoming EDC G10 Dagger is a version of Winkler Knives EDC Dagger, reinterpreted with Black Triangle’s extensive experience with creating non-metallic “knives”.

Unlike many of Black Triangle’s pieces, the EDC G10 Dagger does not have a wrapped handle. It has actual G-10 scales on a G10 knife which is a detail not often seen. The blade is ground with a symmetrical chisel grind that comes to a point without real cutting edges. This is meant for thrusting not cutting (as a good G10 knife should be). The included sheath is completely non-metallic and is completely ambidextrous.

You can learn a lot more about this knife and why it was designed the way it is at


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