Teaser: SKRAM Organizer Insert from 5col Survival Supply

5col Survival Supply is working on their own updated, custom organizer insert for the “Survival Kit, Ready Access Modular” or SKRAM. This new insert boasts a number of improvements over the original. You can learn about the original here: SKRAM Organizer Insert

The new organizer can be used with the SKRAM Go Bag or to organize your own pack. It can also be used as a car/truck-seat mounted organizer thanks to the addition of new mounting loops.

The updated version of the SKRAM Organizer Insert has 3 zippered mesh pockets with a high visibility backing. It features a grab handle for easy retrieval. The insert is approximately 17x9x4″ so it should fit a wide variety of packs.

Keep your eye on 5col.com for details when they become available.

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