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Black Triangle Rigid Visor Panel

Recently, Black Triangle Group introduced a line of Rigid Panels meant to organize gear in an efficient and accessible way. The panels are formed from kydex and offer a series of MOLLE compatible slots and holes to be customized with shock cord.

The initial offering in this line, the Rigid Bag Panel, is meant for use inside a bag or pack. The new Rigid Visor Panel is meant for use on the visor of your vehicle. This allows users to keep a variety of life-saving tools at their fingertips while driving.


Black Triangle Group MK5 Mod 2 and MK5 Mod 3

Black Triangle Group recently created the Midnight Creeper MK4 by adding a pommel flare to an already useful design. Now, this same pommel flare has been brought to the more compact and concealable MK2M2 and MK2M3 designs with the addition of the new MK5 Mod 2 and MK5 Mod 3.

The pommel makes the MK5 Mod 2 and MK5 Mod 3 easier to index and draw versus their MK2M2 and MK2M3 predecessors. The new tools are slightly wider at the top but no longer than their predecessors.

As of the time of this writing, all Black Triangle Group’s G-10 tools are 15% off. The discount is added automatically.


Sneak Peek: Black Triangle Midnight Creeper MK4

Black Triangle posted a sneak peek of an upcoming addition to their Midnight Creeper line. The new MK4 features a flared pommel with symmetrical finger choils designed to give the user immediate feedback on grip position. It is dimensionally similar to the MK1 which is an excellent tool.

You can expect the MK4 to be available near the end of November. You can learn more at the Black Triangle Blog: BlkTriangle.com

Black Triangle x GBRS Group EDC G10 Dagger

Black Triangle and GBRS Group have been working on a collaboration piece and they recently provided a sneak peek. The upcoming EDC G10 Dagger is a version of Winkler Knives EDC Dagger, reinterpreted with Black Triangle’s extensive experience with creating non-metallic “knives”.

Unlike many of Black Triangle’s pieces, the EDC G10 Dagger does not have a wrapped handle. It has actual G-10 scales on a G10 knife which is a detail not often seen. The blade is ground with a symmetrical chisel grind that comes to a point without real cutting edges. This is meant for thrusting not cutting (as a good G10 knife should be). The included sheath is completely non-metallic and is completely ambidextrous.

You can learn a lot more about this knife and why it was designed the way it is at BlackTriangle.com.


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