Beez Combat Systems APTUM Front Flap

Beez Combat Systems (BCS) has a new front flap/placard to add to it’s APTUM modular plate carrier lineup. However, the new APTUM Front Flap will also work with many other plate carriers that make use of the industry-standard chest rig/placard attachment points.

The APTUM Front Flap makes use of BCS’ laser-cut GRID material and heavy duty elastic construction for the integral pouches. It boasts 3 rifle magazine pouches that are flexible enough to carry a variety of items thanks to the elastic construction.

The APTUM Front Flaps also feature angled pull tabs that make them easy to peel/lift out of the way. This makes especially well suited to use on plate carriers where the front flap/placard serves as a cummerbund closure.

There multiple models available with the user’s choice of ITW side-release buckles or G-Hooks for the upper attachment. The user can also decide whether they want an integral TQ hanger or not.


One Response to Beez Combat Systems APTUM Front Flap

  1. Sasquatch November 5, 2020 at 12:15 #

    I forget, did Beez make these on behalf of Shaw Concepts? Because they look almost identical to Shaw’s V2 placard.

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