Sneak Peek: Valhalla Tactical “Hanger” Optic Mount

Valhalla Tactical’s “Hanger” offset optic mount represents a very clever approach to offset optics. These replace a half a ring on popular scope mounts with a mounting ring that can support various mounting plates. This allows the user to attach an offset MRDS directly to their existing scope mount.

While other similar ring mounts have been available, the Hanger is unique in how it orients the optic for a lower profile and the sheer variety of mounting plates (and therefore optic combinations) that will be available. The orientation of the optic looks strange at first but it keeps the offset optic tucked in closer to the host optic, provides the same height over bore as the host optic, and requires very little cant to get on the offset optic. The user simply switches the windage and elevation adjustments to zero the offset optic in this orientation.

Valhalla Tactical is working on these for a number of popular mounts. The first Hangers will be available for the Aero Precision line of mounts with ADM, Larue Tactical, and possibly others to follow.

One Response to Sneak Peek: Valhalla Tactical “Hanger” Optic Mount

  1. Doug May 18, 2020 at 05:30 #

    Great idea. Thanks for the heads up.

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