Griffin Adventure Tool

The Griffin Pocket Tool (GPT) is one of the most recognizable brands of pry bar based EDC pocket tools. Now they are introducing a new tool that departs from the GPT form factor in a subtle but meaningful way. The new Griffin Adventure Tool (GAT) takes the popular GPT form and integrates a low-profile carabiner-style gate.

The carabiner gate adds a lot of flexibility in how the GAT may be carried. It will still work as a pocket tool but now it can also be clipped to your pack or key ring. It also retains many of the features that makes the original GPT so handy like a ruler, bit driver, pry tool, #2 Phillips driver, and 8-10mm hex wrenches. It is available in stainless or titanium.

The GAT was recently launched on Kickstarter and was fully funded within 30 minutes. It reached more than 3.5 times its goal in 24 hours. As of the time of this writing, the campaign has 28 days remaining and the funding goal has been quadrupled.

Learn more on the Kickstarter Campaign Page: Griffin Adventure Tool on Kickstarter

One Response to Griffin Adventure Tool

  1. Publius May 14, 2020 at 13:25 #

    Glad you put this out here. I have (and love) my titanium micro widgy bar from CountyComm that I have had on my keyring for a decade but it’s more or less a single use item, perhaps 3 tools it you are clever about it. This GAT is about the same form factor except way more useful. I just backed this for a titanium one and will be replacing my micro widgy with it. Very excited 🙂 The widgy will be moved to a backup keyring.

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