Grey Death Adder Merch from Kit Badger

Kit Badger has released a line of Grey Death Adder merch to commemorate a man (or woman) and their instant classic internet comment. I’ll let you read it yourself:

Clearly, this is a man (or woman) with a lot of sage, tactical wisdom to share… a tactical Yoda, if you will. Some naysayers have suggested that this was merely a troll and yet, the comment was deleted after it received attention. That is not the work of a troll. That is the work of a real snake-eater who has been scorned by the attention.

This is the type of comment that goes down in internet lore forever… the type of comment that gets turned into an entire line of t-shirts… mugs and phone cases too. All of the merch has a depiction of your new spirit animal, the Grey Death Adder, on the front. The backs of all the shirts feature various quotes from the comment, complete with the straight-up-murdering of the English language.

You’re going to have to collect them all… unless you are an “ass terrorist”.

Learn more about Grey Death Adder at

Check out the merch in the Kit Badger store on TeeSpring.

2 Responses to Grey Death Adder Merch from Kit Badger

  1. Sasquatch August 2, 2019 at 10:20 #

    I can’t decide if my favorite part is “ass terrorist” or “gin fight”. I’d kinda like to get into a gin fight with a whole gaggle of ass terrorists.

    And now I need a drink to erase his comment from my mind.

    • Matt August 2, 2019 at 10:27 #

      Trying to decide which part of that comment is your favorite is an exercise in futility. It’s like trying to decide on your favorite part of a sunset at the beach. It has to be appreciated as a whole… but really “ass terrorist” is clearly the best part.

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