S&B Watches SANS-13 2.0

I have been wearing an S&B Watches SANS-13 since 2014. It is one of my favorite watches and the watch that launched the S&B Watches brand. Now, 5 years later, the SANS-13 has received some updates.

The first, and perhaps most meaningful upgrade, is the movement. The SANS-13 now boasts an quartz movement manufactured by Swiss maker, ETA.

The original watch featured interesting lume vials which apparently broke down on some watches (mine is still pristine). As a result, S&B Watches has moved to C3 Super Lume infused paint markers and hands. Removing the vials had another nice side-effect. The hand stack is now shorter, allowing the 316L stainless case to be adjusted from 15mm thick to just 12mm. The SANS-13 has the same 42mm case but it is now more svelte.

Speaking of the case, its water-resistance has been improved. Previous iterations of the SANS-13 were water-resistant to 200 meters. The new SANS-13 2.0 boasts 300 meter water-resistance.

Finally, S&B Watches has done away with the threaded bars between the 22mm lugs in favor of traditional spring bars. I liked the original threaded bars for their durability but acknowledge that the spring bars will make strap swaps easier for those who wish to do so.

S&B Watches is currently offering 30% off and free shipping on their website. They are also offering a trade-in program for original SANS-13 watch owners.


One Response to S&B Watches SANS-13 2.0

  1. David Schertz May 27, 2019 at 14:56 #

    I had the first gen Sans 13 and it was a great watch that garnered many compliments. Probably my favorite watch in fact. Be forewarned about any water resistance claims as I took my on a river scuba dive which was the ONLY dive I ever wore it on. Long story short the watch flooded in like 5 feet of water. I send it back for repair or warranty and was told that it was out of warranty and that there was damage to the watch that caused the flooding. Basically every part of the watch had to be replaced which would have cost me the same as what I paid for it to begin with. I told them to just toss it in the trash for me.

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