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S&B Watches SANS-13 2.0

I have been wearing an S&B Watches SANS-13 since 2014. It is one of my favorite watches and the watch that launched the S&B Watches brand. Now, 5 years later, the SANS-13 has received some updates.

The first, and perhaps most meaningful upgrade, is the movement. The SANS-13 now boasts an quartz movement manufactured by Swiss maker, ETA.

The original watch featured interesting lume vials which apparently broke down on some watches (mine is still pristine). As a result, S&B Watches has moved to C3 Super Lume infused paint markers and hands. Removing the vials had another nice side-effect. The hand stack is now shorter, allowing the 316L stainless case to be adjusted from 15mm thick to just 12mm. The SANS-13 has the same 42mm case but it is now more svelte.

Speaking of the case, its water-resistance has been improved. Previous iterations of the SANS-13 were water-resistant to 200 meters. The new SANS-13 2.0 boasts 300 meter water-resistance.

Finally, S&B Watches has done away with the threaded bars between the 22mm lugs in favor of traditional spring bars. I liked the original threaded bars for their durability but acknowledge that the spring bars will make strap swaps easier for those who wish to do so.

S&B Watches is currently offering 30% off and free shipping on their website. They are also offering a trade-in program for original SANS-13 watch owners.


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