Swampfox Optics Teases New Patriot Precision Optic Line

You may recall our recent post about Swampfox Optics and their unique approach in a market swimming with OEM rifle scopes. They are set to grow their line in a big way in the near future to include a new line of optics for precision shooters called the Patriot series.

Swampfox Optics has teased the first two scopes in the line: 4-16×44 and 6-24×50. Both will have non-illuminated reticles and adjustable parallax that can be focused close enough for .22LR shooters (20 yards for the 4-16×44 and 10 yards for the 6-24×50).

According to Swampfox Optics’ Marketing Director, Mike Branson:

The Patriot is going to be a value leader. Really nice glass, impressive eyebox, smart MOA and MIL/MRAD reticles in first focal plane, and zero-resettable (not zero stop) turrets that track correctly. The 4-16×44 will be $369 MSRP and the 6-24×50 will be $429 MSRP. And, there’s a neat little touch that comes right in the box, just a little “hey neato of them to include this” which I’m not going to give away yet.

Swampfox Optics has also teased a few new scopes that we can expect sometime after the release of the Patriot line included illuminated reticle options in the Patriot line and more premium precision optics called the Warhawk and Kentucky Long. Mike Branson states, “Warhawk has a 34mm main tube, Kentucky Long a 30mm main tube. We will have a variety of magnifications available from 2-12x44mm all the way up to a monster 5-30x56mm.”

The Patriot Line should be available soon. Stay tuned for release information.


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