Evernew Cross Stand 2 for the Trangia Spirit Burner

I’ve been using my Trangia Spirit Burner (alcohol stove) for a while now based on the recommendation of the folks at Hill People Gear. In the time I have used it, I have tried several pot stands and haven’t really been over the moon about any of them. The biggest problem is that they are often too large for use with a small pot. They also often too bulky or inefficient due to placing the pot too close to the jets.

A friend recommended the Evernew Cross Stand which is an “X” shaped stand made from titanium that is designed to sit on top of the Trangia (or Evernew Alcohol Burner). However, I found that it sat too low on the Trangia. Fortunately, Evernew makes a second version, the Cross Stand 2, that sits higher and places the bottom of the pot about 1″ above the jets.

My experience with the Cross Stand 2 has been excellent. It weighs less than an ounce as you might expect for something made of thin titanium with plenty of skeletonization cuts. It packs completely flat and should fit inside just about any mess kit. It’s height allows for a very efficient burn and it is really optimized for solo cook pots or nesting cups. I pair it with a simple aluminum foil wind screen to further optimize efficiency.

The Cross Stand 2 is marvel of simplicity and it has been a great solution for me. If you carry a Trangia in your hiking gear or preparedness gear, this could be a good solution for you toon. They are available on Amazon: Evernew Cross Stand 2 on Amazon

You are like to find even lower prices if you shop around.

2 Responses to Evernew Cross Stand 2 for the Trangia Spirit Burner

  1. Overload in CO April 22, 2019 at 16:22 #

    What are the advantages of a Spirit Burner over other stoves?

    • Matt April 22, 2019 at 20:05 #

      Good question! I am drafting an article about this topic based on the stoves that I use/have used. I am not sure a spirit burner is for everyone but I like the simplicity. It has no parts to service, no seals to replace, and no moving parts. Boil times are reasonable and weight is minimal. Extreme cold weather performance is underwhelming and I prefer other stoves if I have to melt snow for water. I also wouldn’t use this to cook for more than 2 people.

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