Crowdfunding – MerkWares LLC Pocket Super Shelter

If you are at least mildly familiar with the term “bushcraft”, you are likely also familiar with Mors Kochanski – one of the great figures in the bushcraft world. He developed the Super Shelter concept which was a compact shelter that could be built in the woods with tools and know-how for surviving cold weather. What if a similar shelter could be built with no tools and very little know-how?

Merkwares LLC, makers of the excellent Emberlit Stove, have developed a new shelter called the Pocket Super Shelter. It is designed, when coupled with a small fire in front of the shelter, to actively heat the occupant. It accomplishes this feat with a clear plastic front (towards the fire) and a reflective liner. The clear plastic front acts like glass in a greenhouse while the reflective material, which is more durable than mylar, reflects the heat of the fire onto the occupant.

The shelter comes vacuum packed into a very compact package and can be compressed effectively after it’s first use for continued use. The material used in construction, Heatsheets proprietary Silver Lining™ Technology, is more durable than the typical mylar space blanket or tube shelter.. It sets up with 4 stakes and a single ridge line tied to anchor points.

Check out the Pocket Super Shelter on Kickstarter.

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