Kit Badger Profile Anatomy Targets

Ivan at Kit Badger comes through again with interesting and useful content!

There are a number of great anatomy targets on the market including Sage Dyamnic’s free Vital Anatomy Targets. There are far fewer options for side profile targets of any kind, let alone those with anatomy references. That represents a real gap in your potential training options since the relative locations and the paths used to access vital anatomy can change based on the direction a person is facing.

Kit Badger just published a target (and accompanying information about that target) that is based on the Sage Dynamics Vital Anatomy Target except he has completely redrawn them with a side profile. This is a well designed target with the exterior profile of the body blocked in with bold lines but the anatomy presented with thinner, less bold lines. These thin lines harder to see at a distance so you must practice shooting to the relative positions of the anatomy rather than aiming precisely for a mark on the target.

They are free to print so you might as well print a few to keep in your range bag. Kit Badger Profile Anatomy Targets

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