Beez Combat Systems PCC Chest Rig

Pistol caliber carbines (PCC) are hot right now. They were hot before the ATF reversed its decision on shouldering pistol braces and they only stand to get hotter now that the ruling has changed. In spite of all that, options for PCC support gear are still a little thin. That is where Beez Combat Systems’ (BCS) new PCC Chest Rig comes in.

This new chest rig has everything that makes all the BCS chest rigs great. The 4 magazine pouches are placed inside the rig rather than on its surface. This allows them to lay flat against the user and offers uninterrupted PALS webbing across the entire front of the rig. The H-harness is comfortable without an abundance of padding and pulls forward to adjust so you can adjust the fit while you are wearing it.

Other features include removable and adjustable flaps, pouches deep enough to handle the common 30-32 round magazines, and a full length interior pocket. It is available in 10 different camo patterns and 7 solid colors along with a host of other options/upgrades.

Beez Combat Systems PCC Chest Rig


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