OC Tactical 2016 Christmas Stocking

It seems like every gear maker trots out the uninspired tactical Christmas stockings at this time of year. Just add a pouch or two, some loop Velcro, and a little bit of PALS webbing… Ho hum.

OC Tactical has taken a different approach – one that is more inspired, more nostalgic, and more collectible. You may remember that last year they created a special Tiger Stripe Stocking that looked awesome. This year they are making the camo stocking an official annual Christmas tradition.


The 2016 stocking showcases one of the most iconic camo patterns of all time – Rhodesian camo. The stocking is made from reproduction fabric from Kammando Store and features a loop field on both sides.

OC Tactical is offering the 2016 Stocking at 15% off through 11/30. Use code RHODESIA at check out. Check out the OC Tactical 2016 Christmas Stocking: http://stores.octactical.com/rhodesian-camouflage-christmas-stocking/


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