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The Resistance Patch from OC Tactical

OC Tactical has a history of creating very cool Red Dawn themed patches and stickers. Their newest patch fits that tradition. The Resistance Patch features the whole crew from the original Red Dawn to celebrate 35 years since the release of the movie.

The patch is a massive 6″ wide by 4″ tall. It has a full-color image on it and is limited to just 100 pieces. Act fast.


OC Tactical Clash Keychain

Thanks to Whiskey Two-Four and all their manufacturing partners, M81 webbing is starting to find its way out into the wild. OC Tactical is already putting it to good use in their Clash Keychain.

The Clash gives you a way to carry your keys and clip them anywhere convenient thanks to the steel ITW Clash Hook found at one end. I suppose it could also make a decent handle to turn your keys into a melee weapon in a pinch. You would probably earn some style points for doing that kind of thing with an M81 Clash.


A Christmas Tradition – The OC Tactical Christmas Stocking is Here!

The vast majority of tactical Christmas stockings are uninspired jokes. Gear makers just sew a stocking from 1000D nylon and then add all manor of garish pouches, zippers, webbing, over wrought handles, d-rings, and loop material. They’re fun but forgettable in a sea of similar stockings.

OC Tactical’s Christmas Stocking is just the opposite. These stockings are truly unique and have become something of a tradition around my house. They create a limited run of rare or historically important camo stockings every year. They are a great collectors piece for camo nerds. These stockings are finely made with original fabrics or meticulous reproduction fabric, lined with LITELOK fabric, and feature a small loop field for adding patches.

Past stockings have featured original Vietnam era Tiger Stripe material in 2015, special reproduction Rhodesian camo in 2016, original ERDL camo material from 1978 for the 2017 stocking, and now a batch of what may be the rarest fabric yet… The 2018 stocking will feature Universal AOR!

From OC Tactical:

This year’s run of custom Christmas Stocking is truly unique.  I made these with some of rarest camo fabric on the planet.  This is the camo some have called the Universal AOR pattern from the Navy’s camo testing.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on bunch of the test patterns awhile back including a small amount of this.  The only other example of this fabric I know of was photos posted by legitkit years ago of a uniform top made by Beyond Clothing. This is a one time deal, once they are gone I will not make these again.

This is a stocking that you do not want to miss.

Get yours here: OCTactical.com

OC Tactical Restocks Rhodesian Camo Stockings

OC Tactical makes a limited run of rare or historically important camo stockings every year. They are a great collectors piece for camo nerds. These stockings are finely made with original fabrics or meticulous reproduction fabric, lined with LITELOK fabric, and a loop field for adding patches. They are not adorned with useless PALS webbing, zippered pockets, D-rings are anything like that because the camo is the focus.

They made a Rhodesian Camo stocking for 2016 from a special run of reproduction material that was very scarce. That stocking sold quickly but the have been able to build a few more which are now available to purchase in time for Christmas. Visit the OC Tactical website to purchase: OC Tactical

I should also note that you will not want to miss this year’s stocking which will be unveiled VERY soon. The camo is very cool and very rare.

Sling Deal at OC Tactical

If you are looking for a good deal on a great 2 point sling, head over to OC Tactical. They have Gear Dynamics Accelerator Slings on clearance for $22.50. The slings feature quick and easy one handed adjustment, no loose ends, an elastic loop for sling management, and they are very light weight. These are great slings at a great price.


Annual Historic Camo Christmas Stocking and Sale at OC Tactical

It seems like every retailer in this industry has a “tactical” Christmas stocking these days. Most of the time it is some kind of cheap, overseas produced nylon stocking with PALS webbing and d-rings sewn to it. OC Tactical’s stocking is different. Their stockings are real keepsakes.

If you follow their work, you know OC Tactical loves historic and rare camo patterns. Every year, OC Tactical creates a limited edition Christmas Stocking using one of these iconic camo patterns – often made from older or original production cloth! The first stocking, in 2015, featured Vietnam era Tiger Stripe and the second stocking, 2016, featured Rhodesian camo.

The 2017 stocking was just released and it features the iconic ERDL pattern. The fabric used for these stockings was printed in 1978 and has the original brown dominant pattern! As with previous years, the inside of the stocking is fully lined with Litelok fabric and there is a 6″ x 2″ piece of loop material on both sides for attaching a name tape or patches.

Additionally, you can use code ERDL to save 15% on everything OC Tactical sells including the limited edition stocking. The code is good through 11/28.


OC Tactical Glock Basic Armorer Kit

OC Tactical offers a kit, the Glock Basic Armorer Kit, that includes everything you need to work on your Glock handguns. The kit includes a bench mat that is printed with an exploded diagram of a Glock and a parts list along with a parts tray so your smallest parts don’t roll away. The included 3/32″ disassembly tool is all you need to completely disassemble your Glock. The orange half slide plate allows you to check inspect the trigger connector with the slide installed which can be an important part of checking the safety function, especially when you are changing out trigger parts.

OC Tactical Glock Basic Armorer Kit

10 Years of Tactical Stitchery – OC Tactical

OC Tactical is 10 years old this year. That is saying something in an industry where anyone with an Instagram account and a sewing machine can call themselves a gear maker.

Congrats on 10 years OC Tactical and here’s to 10 more!

Honor Point WMD – Webbing Management Device

Honor Point USA’s new Webbing Management Devices are simple strap management tools that are laser cut from Velcro One Wrap. You simply slide one onto the loose end of your webbing, roll the webbing, and then wrap the WMD onto itself. They are sold in a multi-pack with 4 WMDs for 3 different webbing sizes (1″, 1.5″, and 2″, total of 12 in a package). They are reusable, lightweight, easy to use, and don’t leave residue behind because they do not use adhesive.

The Honor Point WMDs are available at OCTactical.

OC Tactical 2016 Christmas Stocking

It seems like every gear maker trots out the uninspired tactical Christmas stockings at this time of year. Just add a pouch or two, some loop Velcro, and a little bit of PALS webbing… Ho hum.

OC Tactical has taken a different approach – one that is more inspired, more nostalgic, and more collectible. You may remember that last year they created a special Tiger Stripe Stocking that looked awesome. This year they are making the camo stocking an official annual Christmas tradition.


The 2016 stocking showcases one of the most iconic camo patterns of all time – Rhodesian camo. The stocking is made from reproduction fabric from Kammando Store and features a loop field on both sides.

OC Tactical is offering the 2016 Stocking at 15% off through 11/30. Use code RHODESIA at check out. Check out the OC Tactical 2016 Christmas Stocking: http://stores.octactical.com/rhodesian-camouflage-christmas-stocking/

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