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OC Tactical Moving Sale

OC Tactical is moving and they are currently holding a sale to get rid of some inventory. The sale includes a wide variety of items including some really interesting and hard-to-find things that crawled out of the corners of their shop. Only the real gear nerds will remember are these awesome HonorPoint USA ZOT Zero and Zero Plus packs in a variety of colors like desert tiger stripe!


Down Range Gear Available at OC Tactical

If you like nylon gear, this should make your day…

Down Range Gear never really went away but their gear has been very hard to get your hands on for a few years now. Thankfully for all of us, this very influential gear line is available again through OC Tactical who is not only retailing Down Range Gear but also helping to manufacture gear like the QASM Vertical Connectors.



OC Tactical 2020 Christmas Stocking

I bet there are more than a few of you who look forward to the unveiling of the OC Tactical Christmas Stocking every year as much as I do. Many so-called “tactical” stockings are just something stocking-like that has been festooned with some PALS webbing, extra zippers, and a drag handle. OC Tactical’s Christmas stockings are handmade from a rare, hard-to-find, or historic camo material, making a true collector’s item. The 2020 stocking is made from genuine Finnish M05 Pakkaskuvio (Frost pattern) material.

 Like previous year’s stockings, it is lined with Litelok material and features two loop fields for patches. These stockings can be somewhat limited, so don’t sleep on them if you want one. If you need more motivation, OC Tactical will be stuffing one lucky stocking with a ton of great survival gear. Christmas will come early for one lucky stocking buyer.


OC Tactical Expands Facemask Camo Pattern Options

OC Tactical is now offering 2 new historic camo pattern options for their OC Tactical Face Mask – Rhodesian and Mirage. Like the previous versions, these accept disposable filter inserts. They include 1 fiber filter and 1 PM2.5 filter.

Even if you are done wearing masks, this could be a great item to add to your preps.


OC Tactical Facemask Updates

OC Tactical has made two updates to their facemasks. First, they are now including a disposable PM2.5 filter insert with each mask in addition to the included disposable fiber filter insert. This addition comes with a very slight price increase ($7.00, up from $6.25). Second, the mask is now available in Multicam in addition to the previously available Tiger Stripe and Desert Tiger Stripe options.

I purchased a number of these when they were initially available and I am very pleased with them. The ear bands in particular are extremely comfortable and the ability to insert disposable filter media is a nice feature. I also find them to be quite affordable.


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