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OC Tactical Expands Facemask Camo Pattern Options

OC Tactical is now offering 2 new historic camo pattern options for their OC Tactical Face Mask – Rhodesian and Mirage. Like the previous versions, these accept disposable filter inserts. They include 1 fiber filter and 1 PM2.5 filter.

Even if you are done wearing masks, this could be a great item to add to your preps.


OC Tactical Facemask Updates

OC Tactical has made two updates to their facemasks. First, they are now including a disposable PM2.5 filter insert with each mask in addition to the included disposable fiber filter insert. This addition comes with a very slight price increase ($7.00, up from $6.25). Second, the mask is now available in Multicam in addition to the previously available Tiger Stripe and Desert Tiger Stripe options.

I purchased a number of these when they were initially available and I am very pleased with them. The ear bands in particular are extremely comfortable and the ability to insert disposable filter media is a nice feature. I also find them to be quite affordable.


Tiger Stripe Face Masks from OC Tactical

I am sure that most of us have realized the importance of having surgical masks on hand as part of our preps by now. If you are going to buy some, they might as well be Tiger Stripe camo. I guess you could go with baby blue or polka dots if that’s your thing but I’d wager that you would prefer Tiger Stripe.

OC Tactical’s Face Masks are now available. They feature oversized ear loops (you can shorten them with a knot) and an opening in the back for adding replaceable filter inserts (1 included). They are available in Tiger Stripe or Desert Tiger Stripe.


Review: OC Tactical KGB and KGB 2.0

I’ve used an OC Tactical Kickass Grocery Bag (KGB) for years now to carry just about anything. It’s a great do-all bag for everything from firewood, to gear for a range session, to groceries (which, ironically, I have never carried in it). I have come to love the simple utility of that bag so when OC Tactical rolled out a new and improved KGB 2.0, I couldn’t resist trying it out.

KGB (right) and KGB 2.0 (left)

Overview and Improvements

The KGB is kind of like those reusable grocery bags available at a lot of higher-end grocery stores… except its actually made in such a way that the handle won’t blow out on the second time you use it (or ever). The original KGB featured 1000D Cordura Nylon construction with a one-piece, seemless Vinyl Coated Polyester bottom that is completely waterproof. The handles are made from 1.5″ wide webbing and are long enough to put on your shoulder.

The new KGB 2.0 has all of that but also has some additions. It has a removable shoulder strap (the strap is included). It also has an internal lanyard clip so you can hang items like keys inside the top edge of the bag. Finally, OC Tactical added a slip pocket on one side and a zippered stash pocket on the other so you can organize smaller items.

Zippered pocket on KGB 2.0
Stash pocket on KGB 2.0
Internal swivel on KGB 2.0

Observations from Use

I have similar overbuilt grocery/carry-all style bags from other makers and the KGB and KGB 2.0 stand out among them for one big reason – the waterproof bottom. The bottom of this bag is totally waterproof (really) which means you can set it down on wet snow without fear of water soaking through. On a recent adventure with Ivan at KitBadger, I used these bags to carry firewood for a pack stove, placing the bags directly on nasty, wet snow without fear of dampening the wood inside.

The waterproof bottom also has another benefit which is probably my favorite thing about the KGB. The vinyl bottom is stiffer than the 1000D Cordura used in the rest of the bag and it gives enough structure that the bag will actually stand mostly open and mostly upright on its own. This makes loading the bag a lot easy than bags with no structure.

These bags are extremely durable and versatile. You can basically store whatever you want in them within reason. I’ve used them to store winter gear like gloves and hats, as range bags, to pick up brass on the range, to carry gear like a chest rig and belt to a carbine course, as totes inside a pulk sled, to carry firewood, to carry river rock from the creek on our property for landscaping, to hold recovery gear in the bed of my truck, to hold emergency winter layers in a winter vehicle kit, and basically anything other than carrying groceries. If it fits and you can lift it, it probably won’t hurt the bag.

This KGB keeping firewood dry in some challenging conditions.

Wrap Up

Think of these bags as a big Cordura bucket. They are as versatile as can be and just about bomb-proof. I review a lot of gear that I “like” and some that might even be my favorite pieces of gear of a certain type. The OC Tactical Kickass Grocery Bags are among my favorite pieces of gear, period, regardless of type.

Check out the KGB and KGB 2.0 here:

KGB at OC Tactical.com

KGB 2.0 at OCTactical.com

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