Field of View Isn’t a Thing with Red Dot Sights

If you are using your red dot sight (RDS) correctly, you shouldn’t really have to worry about field of view (FOV). The idea that FOV is a concern with red dot sights likely comes from people using them incorrectly or a misunderstanding of how they work.

With both eyes open and target focus, you should barely be aware of the body of the RDS. You look past the RDS and only see the red dot superimposed on your target which is where your focus should be (in most cases). If you find yourself being sucked into the tube, you may be focusing on the dot.

Sights like Aimpoints are often referred to as “1X” optics which is not technically true. They are not magnifying the view through the optic – think window, not magnifying glass. Red dot sights are usually non-magnified optics and not subject to the geometry that creates the conical field of view found in magnified optics.

Aimpoint recently posted a video featuring John Lovell of Telluric Group that offers a brief explanation of how to employ your dot sight so that FOV is not an issue:


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