KE Arms Internals for Glock Slides

KE Arms has significant manufacturing capabilities beyond what most shooters may realize. They are now manufacturing several internal parts for Glock slides in house including injection molded plastic parts which are rare on the aftermarket like the striker channel liner, striker spacer, and spring cups.


At KE Arms we don’t do anything half way.  Not wanting to be dependent on other suppliers we have made a mold for the striker channel liner, striker spacer sleeve, and spring cups.  We have also produced the safety plunger, extractor plunger, and extractor  plunger bearing.  We also have the striker spring, extractor plunger spring, and safety plunger springs.  All components are made in the USA.  The safety plunger, extractor plunger, and extractor plunger bearing are melonite coated.  All the springs are black oxide coated.  These components are also compatible with Austrian striker fired pistols.

The parts are available individually in many cases or in an affordable package for those who want to keep spare parts on hand.

2 Responses to KE Arms Internals for Glock Slides

  1. Matt August 17, 2016 at 06:09 #

    I would highly recommend only buying OEM GLOCK parts for those parts listed above. I have been a GLOCK armorer for 10 years and I have never seen a time when you could not get spare parts directly from GLOCK. I appreciate that they have the capability to make these parts but GLOCK does not recommend the replacement of slide parts by the end user so why a gunsmith or GLOCK armorer would consider these parts as a replacement is beyond me.

    • Russell Phagan August 17, 2016 at 11:23 #


      As we are making our own slides we did not want to be dependent upon other sources for those parts. Likewise a number of custom builders and gunsmiths came to us with the problem of parts availability holding up their custom projects. Every cerakoter needs to replace the striker channel liner after coating a slide. Sometimes these parts are simply not available through distribution channels like RSR. We have solved that problem for the people experiencing it.

      Colt isn’t the only company making AR15s or compatible components anymore…thus it shall be with striker fired polymer pistols.

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