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KE43 Slides from KE Arms

KE Arms is Pleased to Announce the release of our slides for the Glock 43 in time for the Holidays.

The KE43 Slide is machined from 17-4 Stainless steel and heat treated to Rockwell 42-43.

These slides come ready to accept OEM internals, barrels, and guide rods. The KE43 slide is compatible with all Glock 43 OEM components.

Bravo through Delta Models are available milled for the Shield RMS or the Leupold Deltapoint Pro

These will be available at a special introductory price of 10% off now through December 31st. We machine each slide to order due to the number of options and features the end user can select, so the sooner you order the sooner you will have your KE43 slide.

View Alpha through Delta models at the links below

KE Arms Celebrates 15th Anniversary of the Sunset of the Federal “Assault Weapons Ban”

September 13th 2004 the Federal “Assault Weapons Ban” Expired. Today is a day to be remembered as a victory for constitutional rights.

American citizens were once again able to buy modern semiautomatic firearms with the features they wanted and standard capacity magazines at prices not artificially inflated by a restricted supply. The sunset of the ban kicked off a renaissance of innovation of new firearm designs and products in the industry.

In honor of the 15th Anniversary of the sunset of the Federal AWB we will be offering 15% off site wide at www.KEArms.com now through September 30th. Use Coupon Code AWB15 at the checkout and the discount will be applied.

Next week Congress reconvenes and bills to restrict and infringe upon the rights of all Americans are on their agenda. Make sure to contact your elected representatives and encourage them to oppose any infringments on your rights. https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials

KE Arms Adds Aimpoint ACRO Options for Glock Shooters

KE Arms has several potentials solutions for shooters who want to adopt the Aimpoint ACRO. First, they are now offering their Bravo, Charlie, Delta, and Echo slides with ACRO cuts. Additionally, they offer milling services to machine existing slides for the ACRO.

Finally, they are now offering their RMR to ACRO Adapter Plate. This plate allows an ACRO to be installed in an RMR cut.

You can find all of these products and services on the KE Arms Glock product page: KEArms.com

New from KE Arms: Optic Mounts for Mossberg Shotguns

KE Arms is pleased to announce our optic mounts for Mossberg 500/590 shotguns (and compatible mounting patterns). Everything that’s awesome about using a red dot on a rifle is just as awesome on a shotgun!  Improve you capabilities tracking moving targets, shooting from unconventional positions, and making those slug hits at 50-100 yards.

Available for the following patterns:

  • Aimpoint Micro (and compatible sights)
  • Leupold Deltapoint Pro
  • Trijicon RMR (and compatible sights)

Made in the USA from Billet Aluminum and hardcoat anodized.

MSRP is $64.95 on all models.

Order Online Here: http://www.kearms.com/shotgun-products

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