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AZCDL Benefit Lowers from KE Arms

The Arizona Citizens Defense League is an organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the citizens of Arizona’s right to keep and bear arms. KE Arms, an Arizona based firearm manufacturer, has a vested interesting in these very principles. 5% of the proceeds from their new AZCDL Engraved AR-15 Lowers will go directly to the AZCDL.

These lowers will be distributed by local FFL holders in AZ. Contact KE Arms to find out if an FFL in your area will be carrying the lowers.

ke arms benefit lower

KE Arms Trooper Repair Kit

It is unwise to show up at a carbine course or competition without the means to repair your carbine. If your carbine goes down, it means wasted time and money (entry fees, ammo expenses, travel expenses, etc.). That is why KE Arms created the Trooper Repair Kit. This kit contains replacements for the most commonly broken AR-15 parts.


– Young Manufacturing Phosphate Bolt with gas rings, extractor, and ejector
– Firing Pin and Retainer Pin
– Cam Pin
– Hammer, Spring and Pin
– Trigger, Spring and Pin
– Disconnector and Spring
– Safety Selector, Spring, and Detent

I have personally seen almost every part represented in this kit break in the context of training. Even if you aren’t headed to a carbine course and you don’t compete, having spare parts for your carbine is never a bad idea. Check out the KE Arms Trooper Kit.

KE Arms and GWACS Armory Lightweight Collaboration Rifle

KE Arms and GWACS Armory recently collaborated to help a student of The Suarez Group who has a physical limitation. The result was a sub 5 1/2 pound carbine with an MSRP that is less than $1000.

KE Arms GWACS Lightweight

The carbine features a GWACS Armory CAV-15 lower receiver with KE Arms lower parts kit. The KE Arms built upper receiver features a lightweight contour barrel, Young Manufacturing Lightweight BCG, and a KE Arms 12.5″ Delta-S Keymod Handguard. The total weight is just 5.6 pounds.

Hopefully, this or a similar package will be available as an off-the-shelf item in the near future.

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