Review: TacPack – July Edition

Hopefully you are familiar with the concept of TacPack by now. If not, you can read the reviews of the previous TacPacks for some background. I recently received the July TacPack and it is one of my favorites so far thanks to three really handy inclusions. Here are the details…


KeySmart Rugged – The KeySmart is a handy little bugger. It basically lets you sandwich your keys together into something like a Swiss Army Knife. This is a new, more beefy version of the KeySmart that seems very sturdy. It also came with an expansion pack for those of you with janitoresque key rings. This is a great inclusion and one that just about anyone can use.

Gerber Hook Knife – The Gerber Hook Knife is like a very small rescue knife or strap cutter. It actually does a respectable job of cutting clothing, webbing, string, and similar items without binding in spite of its size. The sheath seems to hold it very securely and its simple split ring attachment should allow you to mount this anywhere – on your gear, on your key ring, on a pack, etc. This is the kind of thing that I can always find a use for.

Strike Industries Angled Foregrip – The Strike Industries Angled Foregrip works and it is pretty handy – especially for AR pistol shooters since the BATFE has ruled that angle grips are good to go on AR Pistols. The Strike Industries grip has a clever ledge on the front that makes it easy to lock into a barricade while shooting. I’ll definitely use this.

TacPack Smooth Operator Hat – This cap features the ubiquitous loop material field on the front for attaching patches which makes it very operator. It also has the TacPack logo embroidered over the loop field which actually looks nice. It’s not the nicest cap I own but it isn’t the worst either. The quality is better than a typical freebie type hat.

Gang Bangers Anonymous Patch – TacPack continues their Gang Bangers Anonymous theme with a new GBA patch. This one is going on the patch panel!

Some lucky folks also received one of 20 muzzle brakes from BullMoose Tactical. Even if you didn’t get a muzzle brake, the box included a 25% off coupon for BullMoose Tactical.

Wrap Up

This is one of the most solid boxes to date. It might not be the slickest but I will use every single thing in it. The KeySmart has universal appeal. The Gerber Hook Knife can be tucked away in a kit or carried on anyone’s gear. You’ll always find room on a rifle for a good fore grip like the Strike Industries Angled Foregrip. This is just a solid box.

Check out TacPack to get in line for the August box.

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