A-hole Mk 4a Muzzle Brake from Arson Machine

Arson Machine’s new A-hole Mk 4a Muzzle Brake is a serious muzzle device with a not-so-serious name. As you can see from their previous teaser video, it’s very effective and while the name A-hole is funny, it’s also descriptive. This brake actually has ports shaped like the letter “A” and it’s loud so… it’s a break with A-holes and for A-holes.

IMG_1254 IMG_1268

The A-hole Mk 4a Muzzle Brake is machined from aluminum which weighs less (1.11 ounces) but will wear out far sooner than steel, about 1000-2000 rounds (maybe more). The cost reflects that. It comes with a shim kit and costs less than $30. For $90, less than the cost of most devices, you could have 3 of them along with 3 shim kits you can keep using.

As usual, the product description on Arson Machine’s website is full of laughs so don’t miss it. Check out the A-hole Mk 4a Muzzle Brake at Arson Machine.

3 Responses to A-hole Mk 4a Muzzle Brake from Arson Machine

  1. Neromaniac June 23, 2016 at 14:33 #

    Looks a lot like a knockoff of the sjc Titan brake.
    Same shape, same major cuts and pin holes. But with obvious extra milling and random slash cuts.
    SJC Titan is a renowned brake with virtually no muzzle rise and loud as fuck.
    I have 2.
    This is a sad knockoff with help from some extra milling.

    This is how it is now. People just steal everyone else’s and just add a random cut or hole. Wha a joke

    • Matt June 23, 2016 at 15:06 #

      Are we looking at the same brakes? The SJC Titan Comp (great device by the way) has 2 large top ports and sets of 3 side ports. By your logic, any brake with side ports and top ports are a knock-off.

      Also, don’t discount the effects of the size/shape of the ports as simply extra machining. Muzzle device makers have done interesting things just by tweaking the shapes of these elements.

  2. Cymond July 1, 2016 at 20:53 #

    Interesting! I’ve seen very few aluminum brakes on the market, and this is only the second I can think of that is meant for a centerfire rifle. It should be a popular option for the featherweight fanatics (who I wish I could afford to join).

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