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Arson Machine A-Hole Micro Muzzle Device

Arson Machine’s new muzzle brake doesn’t mind if you call it A-Hole.

The new A-Hole Micro Muzzle Device is a smaller and lighter, single chamber version of their original A-Hole Muzzle Brake. These brakes have holes that are actually shaped like the letter A, as in Arson… Hence the name.

The A-Hole line of brakes are somewhat unique in that they are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum with a hard anodized coating. This makes them very light in weight (and affordable). While they will not last as long as a steel muzzle device, they have been shown to hold up for 4000+ rounds so it is not as if they are a throw away item.

As with any single chamber brake, the A-Hole Micro Muzzle Device is loud. These are unapologetic brakes that are designed to give a competitive shooter an edge by virtue of their light weight and muzzle control.

Check out the A-Hole line of muzzle devices at Arson Machine.

A-hole Mk 4a Muzzle Brake from Arson Machine

Arson Machine’s new A-hole Mk 4a Muzzle Brake is a serious muzzle device with a not-so-serious name. As you can see from their previous teaser video, it’s very effective and while the name A-hole is funny, it’s also descriptive. This brake actually has ports shaped like the letter “A” and it’s loud so… it’s a break with A-holes and for A-holes.

IMG_1254 IMG_1268

The A-hole Mk 4a Muzzle Brake is machined from aluminum which weighs less (1.11 ounces) but will wear out far sooner than steel, about 1000-2000 rounds (maybe more). The cost reflects that. It comes with a shim kit and costs less than $30. For $90, less than the cost of most devices, you could have 3 of them along with 3 shim kits you can keep using.

As usual, the product description on Arson Machine’s website is full of laughs so don’t miss it. Check out the A-hole Mk 4a Muzzle Brake at Arson Machine.

Arson Machine – TP9SA Decock Block

The Canik TP9SA handgun is gaining a reputation as a solid value but many users are (understandably) wary of the two large decking buttons locating top of the slide, fearing that the gun could be decocked at an inopportune time. Arson Machine is now offering a bit of cheap insurance that ensures that your TP9SA will not be decocked accidentally. The Decock Block consists of two small spacers that can be installed under the Canik’s decocking buttons, completely preventing them from being pressed.

arson machine decock block

This modification will require you to pull the trigger to decock for field stripping/disassembly much like a Glock or other striker fired guns.

Check out the Decock Block at Arson Machine.

Arson Machine Co. Troy Light Mount

If you have a Troy Alpha rail (or similar), check this out. Arson Machine Co. is selling their Troy Light Mount at a reduced price. Due to some issues with their supplier, they don’t have any of the backing plates that would normally be packaged with this mount. The good news is that the mount works perfectly with the backing plate that Troy provides for the short rail that is included with each rail.

Arson Machine Co. has decided to forgo the inclusion of the backing plate and sell the mounts at a special price. Check out the Troy Light Mount at Arson Machine Co.

IMG_9382 IMG_9361 IMG_9366

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