Arson Machine A-Hole Micro Muzzle Device

Arson Machine’s new muzzle brake doesn’t mind if you call it A-Hole.

The new A-Hole Micro Muzzle Device is a smaller and lighter, single chamber version of their original A-Hole Muzzle Brake. These brakes have holes that are actually shaped like the letter A, as in Arson… Hence the name.

The A-Hole line of brakes are somewhat unique in that they are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum with a hard anodized coating. This makes them very light in weight (and affordable). While they will not last as long as a steel muzzle device, they have been shown to hold up for 4000+ rounds so it is not as if they are a throw away item.

As with any single chamber brake, the A-Hole Micro Muzzle Device is loud. These are unapologetic brakes that are designed to give a competitive shooter an edge by virtue of their light weight and muzzle control.

Check out the A-Hole line of muzzle devices at Arson Machine.

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