Scalarworks LDM 30mm Aimpoint Hack

If you have one of the Aimpoints (or other red dot sights) that require a 30mm ring mount – like the excellent Aimpoint PRO – you are probably bummed that there is no Scalarworks LDM mount for you. Well, I have good news…

The LDM/CompM4 can be used in conjunction with the ring from the Aimpoint QRP2 mount to create a lightweight mount for your 30mm Aimpoint. This combination is only 0.0236″ than the normal height that Scalarworks builds into their mounts which is basically imperceptible (and still within the height ranges of other mounts).

If you have a complete QRP2 mount that came with your Aimpoint, or can find a cheap used one (which is easy considering how many people replace them), and an LDM/CompM4… You have everything you need (including the hardware) to mount a 30mm red dot sight.


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