Snake Eater Tactical IWB Magazine Pouches

The new IWB Magazine Pouches from Snake Eater Tactical are designed to be thin, light, and to move with you. They are constructed from a thin layer of heavy duty elastic that has enough grip to conform to and retain several different magazine types or other gear like tourniquets. The retention is strong enough that it will actually retain shorter magazines that do not bottom out in the pouch.

The Velcro One-Wrap belt loop is sewn to the top of the pouch allowing it be taken on and off without removing your belt. The loop can also be easily sized to a wide variety of belt widths and trimmed with scissors if necessary.

Check out the new IWB Magazine Pouches at Snake Eater Tactical.

IWB-pouch-4 IWB-pouch-2 IWB-pouch-1

3 Responses to Snake Eater Tactical IWB Magazine Pouches

  1. Gerard June 14, 2016 at 10:45 #

    Do you know what the flashlight is in this photo?

    • Evets Steve June 14, 2016 at 11:04 #

      The flashlight looks like:

      Maratac™ tactical Personal Flood ( TPF ) AA Light

      The World’s Smallest, Brightest, AA Flashlight ( .68 Ounces )

      The Maratac™ AA Aluminium flashlight was so popular, we had it made in a right angle varient. The same great light in a right angle form factor, featuring a 105 degree beam of projected light for increased field of use and a glow in the dark reflector. Checkout this AA powerhouse now with many new upgrades:

      The reflector glows after the light turns off so its easy to find in the night.


      Length: 2.78”
      Diameter: .76”
      Weight 19.3 Grams / .68 Ounces without battery ( Incredibly lightweight )
      Black Hardened Steel Pocket Clip ( Easy to clip onto a hat, MOLLE gear or shirt pocket )
      Glow In the Dark Built In reflector ( Easy to find in the dark )
      LED Type: Cree G2 Emitter ( High Output ) with a life span up to 50,000 hours.
      Flashlight body is made of Aircraft Grade Aluminium
      Stainless Steel ring around the dome lens for added durability
      The dome lens has been treated with a AR (Anti-Reflective) coating.
      Proprietary circuit design features reverse polarity protection and runs off of one AA battery that provides 3 levels of brightness ( Low /Medium / High).

      Using A Single Duracell AA battery we got the following results:

      Low Mode, 5 lumen output for upto 100 Hours ( Diffused Light )
      Medium Mode, 40 lumen output for upto 7 Hours
      High Mode, 135 lumen output for upto 90 Minutes

      Price $38.95
      Limited First Run

  2. Guerrero June 15, 2016 at 06:32 #

    They look similar to the Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed belt pouches

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