OSOE’s latest bag, the BBD Bag, is now available. This compact, full clamshell opening, bag has a ton of versatility built in.


The BBD Bag is flexible enough to serve as anything from a compact EDC bag to something like an active shooter response bag. Its outer surfaces are covered with OSOE’s color matched PALS webbing (8 columns x 3 rows). The opposing interior surfaces are covered with loop material to accept any hook backed organization pouches.

Picture 8 AR-15 magazines arranged in 4 stacks of 2 magazines each side by side and you have rough idea of the size of the bag but it can be stuffed beyond this 8″ x 12″ x 3.5″ size. It is large enough to carry a fair amount of gear but not so large that you’ll overload it. If you need to expand it’s capacity, you can add pouches to the exterior PALS field.

The BBD Bag features a double-zippered clamshell opening design that gives full access to all contents. It can be carried via a large grab handle or the included removable shoulder strap that utilizes G-Hooks to attach to the bag.

Check out the BBD Bag at OSOE.



One Response to OSOE BBD Bag

  1. Raw June 9, 2016 at 18:12 #

    Interior raw edges looks crappy. So does the folded cloth “webbing”. Should have just bought the real multicam webbing. Talk about cutting corners.

    Also nothing really innovative about a clam shell bag with velcro interior. ZzZZzzz

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