Tactical Walls Hide-A-Mag

The newest hide-a-gun-in-plain-sight solution from Tactical Walls is the Hide-A-Mag – a mountable magnet that can be used to retain a handgun (or anything else that is attracted to a magnet) under a desk, counter top, shelf, or similar space. The N45 Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet is strong enough to suspend a loaded handgun. The included ABS plastic cover prevents marring from contact with the magnet.

Check out the Hide-A-Mag at Tactical Walls.

hide-a-magnet-front hide-a-magnet-magnet hide-a-mag-top

One Response to Tactical Walls Hide-A-Mag

  1. BRIAN June 12, 2016 at 06:07 #

    Instead of spending any money on this go to your local hardware store. Get a paint stir stick 3 rectangular magnets and a roll of gorilla tape plus a small bag of wood screws. You can probably figure out the rest but cut your stir stick to desired length, attach 1-3 magnets using gorilla tape and wrapping around magnets and stir stick then attach with screws. This method holds my Glock 17 W/ TLR1HL and extended mag with no issues to the back of my night stand.

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