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Tactical Walls Hide-A-Mag

The newest hide-a-gun-in-plain-sight solution from Tactical Walls is the Hide-A-Mag – a mountable magnet that can be used to retain a handgun (or anything else that is attracted to a magnet) under a desk, counter top, shelf, or similar space. The N45 Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet is strong enough to suspend a loaded handgun. The included ABS plastic cover prevents marring from contact with the magnet.

Check out the Hide-A-Mag at Tactical Walls.

hide-a-magnet-front hide-a-magnet-magnet hide-a-mag-top

New from Tactical Walls – Tactical Lamp

Tactical Walls won’t rest until you have the ability to hide a gun in every decor item in your home. I don’t actually know if that is the mission of their company but it should be. They recently moved one step closer to making that a reality with the release of the Tactical Lamp.


It would be easy to write off the Tactical Lamp for its name. Afterall, you can put the word “tactical” in front of just about anything these days. However, like other Tactical Walls products, this is actually a very clever design. The lamp allows you to discreetly store a handgun inside it and easily access it by removing the front panel. The interior of the lamp is lined with loop Velcro and there is a magnet to retain your handgun in a vertical position.

The Tactical Lamp is available with or without a lamp shade and in a variety of finishes so you can make it match your home decor. If you aren’t sure which finish will match, ask your wife.

Check out the Tactical Lamp at Tactical Walls.


Issue Box from Tactical Walls

The folks at Tactical Walls have a gift for hiding firearms right under your nose (you’ll get that joke in a moment). Their newest discreet firearm storage product is the Issue Box, a cleverly designed tissue box cover that looks innocuous in any room of your house.


The Issue Box looks like any other tissue box cover. Its clever design gives the appearance of holding a full size box of tissues when, in fact, it actually holds one of the shorter boxes. The creates a void under the tissues that can be filled with the handgun and magazine (or flashlight) of your choice which are held in place by a customizable foam pad.

You simply life the top of the Issue Box to access the handgun beneath. Access is very fast and easy.


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