Old Grouch’s Military Surplus Improved Military Poncho

What do you do when you are a military surplus vendor who laments the increasing scarcity of real surplus ponchos and the influx of cheap, imported ponchos? If you are Old Grouch’s Military Surplus, you start making your own poncho that is even better than the original.


These ponchos look pretty excellent on paper. They are using improved materials like nylon webbing throughout the entire hem rather than cotton canvas webbing just at the grommets. They have improved the hood and are using the latest style of snap. They use brass spur grommets instead of washer grommets. The result of all these improvements is a poncho that is stronger and more rot resistant than the original.

I am just scratching the surface here so I strongly suggest that you check out the Improved Military Poncho at Old Grouch’s Military Surplus and watch their video below.

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