Snake Eater Tactical EDC Belt with Carbon Tactics Quicky Buckle

Remember the very cool Carbon Tactics Quicky buckle? Snake Eater Tactical (SET) is now offering their new EDC Belt with the new buckle.

The EDC Belt features 2 layers of firm weave 1.5″ nylon webbing with your choice of the stitch patterns for which SET is known. These belts also feature SET’s Velcro-less tail design that uses an elastic keeper to retain the excess belt rather than hook and loop material that rarely lasts as long as the belt itself.

Check out the new EDC Belt at Snake Eater Tactical.

Snake-Eater-Tactical-EDC-Belt-Black-backside EDC-Belt-Coyote-1-Snake-Eater-Tactical Snake-Eater-Tactical-EDC-Belt-Black


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