TOPS Knives – Hazen Legion 6.0

TOPS Knives just released their first new knife of 2016, the Hazen Legion 6.0. This knife has the long, slender blade shape is the unmistakable thumb print of its designer, knife maker Mark Hazen.


The Hazen Legion 6.0 is essentially a production version of Mark Hazen’s most popular knife model. This field/tactical knife design features a black micarta handle over .187″ (3/16″) thick 1095 steel. The 6.7″ blade is saber ground (like a half height flat grind) and features a nearly half length false edge. It comes with a kydex sheath. See the image below for full specs.

This knife has some extremely graceful lines and looks ready to work. Check out the Hazen Legion 6.0 at TOPS Knives.


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