ITS Land Navigation Starter Pack

Land navigation can be a fun hobby when applied toward orienteering and it can be a vital skill when you are off the trail (or even on it). Like any other skill, there is plenty of gear and training that will make land navigation easier. You can spend a fortune amassing all that gear from various sources… Unless, someone does the leg work for you.


ITS Tactical is offering the ITS Land Navigation Starter Pack via their webstore. It comes with everything you need to get started in land nav except the map and compass.

The contents include:

  • DIY Pace Count Beads Kit w/ 26” Length of Paracord and 13 Beads (paracord color may vary)
  • Reference Card Pack Including:
    • UTM, MGRS, USNG Reference Card
    • Declination & Compass Rose Reference Card
    • Latitude Longitude Reference Card
    • Time, Speed, and Distance Reference Card
    • Millimeter Grid Reference Card
    • Inclinometer for Slope Angle Reference Card
  • Pocket Magnifier
  • Pocket Sized UTM Slot Tool (Protractor)
  • ITS Golf Pencil
  • Book – Using your GPS with UTM Coordinates (3rd Ed.)
  • Map Math Instruction Sheet
  • North Reference Sheet
  • USGS Topographic Map Symbols Pamphlet
  • Locating Coordinate Grid Information on USGS Maps Pamphlet
  • Tools for Working with UTM, MGRS and USNG Coordinates Pamphlet

This kit is impressive in its how complete it is but also in its price. Many of those items, especially the reference cards and map/UTM tools can cost several dollars a piece when purchased separately. On top of that, you likely wouldn’t be able to get all of them at the same place which would leave you paying shipping on multiple orders.

Check out the ITS Land Navigation Starter Pack at ITS Tactical.

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