Free Resource: Range Drill of the Day from Telluric Group

If you are in the vicinity of Brunswick, Georgia and a holder of a Telluric Group Range Membership, you can go shoot the Range Drill of the Day (RDOD) at their facility just about any day you want. Even if you aren’t a member and no matter where you are located, you can still shoot Telluric Group’s RDOD! They provide it free of charge via their website.


Drills like the RDOD are invaluable because they provide an easy way for you to make your training more repeatable and measurable. If going to the range without a plan and not tracking the results, then you are likely not maximizing your time. Even if you were getting the most out of your time, how would you know without the ability check times and scores? The RDOD provides a standard that you can train to and track over time.

Every drill specifies the target, distance, load, and other variables spelled out in simple terms. They even provide a link to a printable target.

The drills are also structured to work well with dry fire for those days that you can’t make it to the range. The Telluric Group Pro Shop even offers a kit that will help you get the most out of your dry fire.

Telluric Group makes accessing handgun drills easy. The challenge is completing them. Check out the RDOD at Telluric Group.

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