SHTF Gear Protos Holster

The SHTF Gear Protos Holster is now available for the Glock 43 with other models coming soon. At first glance, this may look similar to SHTF Gear’s other hybrid holsters but the Protos has a few key differences.


The Protos is more compact than SHTF Gear’s ACE-1 Gen 2 holsters thanks to its single, centrally mounted belt clip. It offers adjustable ride height and cant via multiple mounting positions for the previously mentioned clip. It also offers a slightly flared opening for easy reholstering and all the comfort you expect from a hybrid holster.

The really clever part of the Protos can be found in the trigger guard area of the kydex shell. Hybrid holsters never really feel quite as positive in how they retain your handgun because of the flex in the leather side. SHTF Gear has solved this by wrapping the kydex completely around the trigger guard of the handgun which is generally where a full kydex holster retains a handgun. This offers the comfort you expect from a hybrid with the positive click in and out of a full kydex holster. It’s a very simple and very clever concept.

Check out the Protos Holster at SHTF Gear.


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