Review: Suarez “Flat and Straight” Tactical Grade Trigger

When I first received the Flat and Straight Trigger, it was the only option that Suarez International (SI) offered. Since that time, SI introduced a “Patrol Grade” version and the original became the “Tactical Grade” version. There will be more on these distinctions later.


The Suarez Flat and Straight Trigger is very aptly named. It is a replacement trigger for Glocks with a flat and straight aluminum trigger bow. The Tactical Grade version that I tested completely eliminates pre-travel.

Suarez Flat and Straight Trigger 2

Observations from Use

I have just under 1200 rounds on this trigger. All of those rounds were split between 2 guns: a G19 an G35 with KKM 9mm conversion barrel and ALG Defense 6 Second Mount.

I’ll cover the pre-travel elimination first because it is sure to cause the most controversy. Pre-travel is usually a fact of life with Glocks and, at first glance, it sounds great to completely eliminate it which this trigger does. There is almost no pre-travel – only an impressively crisp break. However, savvy Glock shooters will know that, as with other triggers on the market that eliminate pre-travel, this reduces engagement with the drop safety shelf. On my example, there is still some engagement with the shelf and the firing pin safety is still completely functional along with the trigger safety.

In order to test the safety of the trigger, I installed an orange Glock armorer’s plate to allow me to view the drop safety shelf from behind and then proceeded to drop my G19 onto the back of the grip and back of the slide several times from waist height. The trigger never budged. Satisfied with the results, I chambered a primed case and repeated the test from shoulder height. I dropped the G19 ten times onto the back of the slide and the primer was never ignited.

In my experience with this trigger there is enough engagement with the drop safety shelf and enough redundancy with the other two safeties to render this trigger safe. However, it is understandable that some users would want to avoid even a reduction in a safety feature which is why SI came out with their Patrol Grade version of the same trigger which leaves the pre-travel intact. Options are a very good thing in this case.

Moving on…

Suarez Flat and Straight Trigger

Everything about this trigger feels great. The trigger face is not only flat and straight, it is wide and the trigger safety tucks away into the trigger bow completely flush. The trigger safety is also considerably wider than the OEM trigger safety which makes very comfortable under the pad of your finger. You might notice that this trigger is also a touch shorter than most which eliminates the pinching between the trigger and trigger guard that some users see with the OEM trigger. All of these things combine to make this the kind of trigger you can use all day for several days in a handgun course with no discomfort.

There is almost no pre-travel at all. If you really pay attention, you can feel just a bit but you will never notice it at speed. I can’t really impress how little pre-travel there is with words. You place your trigger finger on the trigger and feel a solid wall which just breaks as you apply pressure. When combined with all of SI’s trigger parts, my G19 averaged 4 pounds exactly over 10 trigger pulls measured with a Wheeler Precision trigger scale.

The reset is very Glock-like in how positive it is but the aluminum trigger bow gives everything a crisper, more mechanical feel. It is very perceptible and easy to find. This crisp reset coupled with the pre-travel elimination makes this trigger impressively fast. When it resets, you can’t miss it and you are right back on the break point of the trigger – click, bang, click, bang, click, bang, and so on. This is the type of trigger that will make you want to find the limits of your recoil control so you can keep up with it.

I also found that this trigger does a great job of basically forcing proper trigger finger engagement. It is wide enough that it will feel strange if you use anything other than just the pad of your trigger finger. It’s flat trigger bow means you can place your finger anywhere on the height of the trigger bow and have a similar feel. This trigger isn’t a replacement for training but it does a good job of reinforcing the fundamentals.

Suarez Flat and Straight Trigger Face

Wrap Up

I have tested my particular example in my particular gun enough to be satisfied with its safety. If you are going to use a trigger like this, I highly suggest that you do the same. In fact, that is a good policy with any piece of gear.

If the Tactical Grade version of this trigger and its pre-travel elimination gives you the heebie-jeebies, consider the Patrol Grade version. Both versions offer a lot of value in the form of a well shaped trigger bow, a satisfyingly mechanical feel, and a very competitive price. This is a great trigger.

Check out the Suarez “Flat and Straight” Triggers.

Disclosure: This trigger was provided to me for review by Suarez International.


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